automated daily screenings

Appsent! can reduce the burden of complying with daily COVID-19 symptom screening in your workforce

Real-time Absence notifications

Your staff can send real-time notifications of absence. Allow your management staff to plan ahead for any unplanned absenteeism due to sickness, compassionate leave or others.

Absence management software can help you better manage employee absence, reduce administrative burnout, and stay compliant! Absolv Software Technologies has the tools to help master your business’s absenteeism needs!

Our Absence management software can give employees the ability to inform management of absence in real-time and without fear of judgment!

It can allow managers to track trends in employee absence and make necessary arrangements timeously.

HR can keep track of your compliance around policies and procedures, Covid-19 regulations, thus saving time and being more productive.


Did you know workplace absenteeism costs the South African economy around R12 - R16 billion per year


Mitigate Risk

Automate compliance objectives by conducting daily screenings with full interaction audit trails showing due diligence in carrying out health and safety objectives 

Improve Productivity

We provide the tools that will allow your workforce to communicate effectively with you providing for improved productivity through reduced direct and indirect costs

Manage Absenteeism

Our extensive experience in absenteeism management coupled with patented tools will allow you to better manage the problems resulting from high levels of absenteeism

High Performance Teams

Providing software solutions that will help you implement policy effectively and increase accountability


Appsent! is a patented real time notification & reporting tool providing real time absence notification in a coordinated manner allowing managers time to plan effectively & thereby maximise productivity when unplanned absence occurs
The Absenteeism Management Report (AMR) allows your organization to enhance employee productivity and manage employee wellness and health through highly developed reports indicating specific trends across the company and individual levels
Daily covid 19 symptom screening

How have you been managing your business’s daily symptom screening? Do your staff stand in line to get tested before work? Do they complete a daily questionnaire once at work? Are they phoning or texting their symptoms?
Absolv’s Daily Screening platform offers a great solution! Have your staff report their symptoms before they leave for work. Get all the data sent to a consolidated database. Pull reports at the click of a button! Prove due diligence in minutes!



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